Strong Versatile Carts

Farm Hand Carts are designed to be ergonomic, with high clearance, and good load carrying capacity.  The frame is open making it easy to customize load carrying decks and other attachments. These evolved from a typical garden cart, which is a workhorse around the farm.

The first versions were all farm built using surplus steel, used bike parts, a chop saw, drill, and stick welder. If you want to build your own take a look at the build your own page resources. I’ll keep putting more design info up as finances allow. Hitting the donate button definitely helps with this process – thanks for helping me help you.

If you’re not up to building your own we’re taking orders for adjustable versions. Through a collaboration between Slow Hand Farm, Adventure Metal, and Antload, all in Portland, OR, we’re developing more prototypes of carts and attachments, and we’re taking orders for hand built one and two wheel carts.

Check the products page for our current offerings and prices.

If you’re interested in having a cart custom built contact us.

Any feedback or ideas are more than welcome, just drop us a note.