UPDATE – as of November¬†2016 orders for carts are on hold due to distractions from other farm related projects. I’m hoping to be building another round of these carts with some additional features this winter. If you’re interested¬†sign up for the newsletter below and I’ll let you know when we start taking orders again.

Adjustable Carts

We’re currently offering two versions of the cart, built to order. There’s a two wheel version that has infinitely adjustable width from 9″ between wheels all the way up to ¬†5.5′ or wider (tested up to 5.5′ wide with a 400 lb payload). The handle height is tool-lessly adjustable for different users of different heights. The stand legs also have several possible heights, depending on terrain and need for leveling. They are easily adjusted with spring buttons and locked with a T nut.


We also have a one wheel version, also with tool-less adjustability of the legs and handles. Both of these carts are powder coated orange so they are easy to find in the field and use standard bicycle front wheels. We’re using high quality alloy wheels which will not rust and have serviceable bearings. These can be repaired if needed by any bicycle shop. The two wheel version uses 26″ wheels and the one wheel version uses a 20″ wheel. 20″ wheels can also be used on the two wheel version if wanted. They will lower the deck and clearance, as well as the handle, but allow the deck to overhang the sides. 26″ wheels provide better floatation and roll more smoothly on rough terrain.


Both carts are based are based around the same frame. They have different handle bars and a different foot.

Price for the two wheel adjustable cart is $650 plus shipping.

Price for the single wheel cart is $575 plus shipping.

We’re working on finding less expensive shipping options but currently for us to box it and ship it to California via UPS it is about $200. Minimal assembly is required.


These carts are designed with accessories in mind. We have several in development but none ready to offer as “off the shelf” as of the moment. Currently there are prototypes and one offs of several accessories including a rolling row marker and a drip winder. In development are a bike hitch which makes the cart into a trailer, a bed flamer, a cultivating rake, and a stacking shelf set up for hauling transplants to the field. If you want to order one of these let us know and we’ll get you a quote.


We’re making these as we receive orders. To keep the prices down a little we’re making them in small batches. We do not stock any of the carts currently. When you put in an order we’ll ask for full payment up front (this is negotiable). Delivery will take about a month depending on our production schedule. We’ll work with you to make sure the cart is set up right and is suited to your needs.